Ramen Hakata | Addison | Noodles, Japanese | Restaurant
Kathy Tran

Ramen Hakata

Kathy Tran
You can get ramen in a few places in Dallas, but the area was without a dedicated ramen shop until Ramen Hakata opened in Addison. True to Hakata-style, the soup is offered up at a low cost, without too many frills or extras. You can order extra noodles, soft-boiled eggs, garlic and other garnishes if you like, but no matter what you throw at your bowl you’re still left with a simple but delicious meal. If you’re in the mood for snacking before you slurp, a few appetizers deserve your attention. The chicken karaage offers bite sized morsels of crispy fried chicken, and the chasu bun offers the same round of pork found in the ramen with a sweet sauce in a steamed bun. And then there’s the gyoza, which are fried to a crisp here, with little crunchy bits clinging to the wrapper. Paying a visit to Ramen Hakata without ordering them could be construed as criminal intent.