Alex Gonzalez

The Finch

Wagyu sliders
Alex Gonzalez
Like most of Milkshake’s Concept restaurants (which include Harper's and Stirr) The Finch has an eclectic air. It's a sophisticated eatery where guests can arrive dressed to the nines, enjoy crafty spins on traditional plates, and bond over well-designed cocktails.

The interior design of The Finch has hardwood floors, blue and white seating and wood tables. A long, marble bar area boasts skilled, attentive bartenders, who give much attention to their uniquely mixed cocktails.One of those cocktails is the brown sugar old-fashioned, which, as its name suggests, is a sweet upgrade of the traditional old-fashioned, made with Angel’s Envy Bourbon, a brown sugar reduction and bitters. It's rich enough to satisfy the old-fashioned aficionado but with a touch of sweet. 

But if you really want to spice things up a notch, try the paloma, which unlike the typical one found in Dallas. The Finch’s version uses grapefruit-flavored White Claw as a base and contains grapefruit cordial, touches of lime, and Tanteo jalapeño tequila ($15). The jalapeño gives this cocktail a hot, flavorful kick, emphasizing the its Latin roots.

Many of The Finch’s main courses are based around lean meats, including the roasted herb chicken, which is set atop a bed of poblano and white cheddar polenta, grilled broccolini and citrus herb jus. Another standout is the crispy striped bass, with is served over Parmesan risotto, grilled asparagus, eggplant caponata and lemon butter.

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