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Warwick Melrose Hotel

The Warwick Melrose has occupied its stately brick building in the Oak Lawn area since 1924, long before any of the neighborhood hot spots like S4 and J.R.’s were even a dream. Indeed, the hotel’s grand interior, with all its shades of crimson and gold, not to mention the chandeliers and columns, seems a world away from the raucous hubbub of the nearby bars, making it an ideal respite after a long night of partying. What it lacks in amenities (while it does boast a fitness center and concierge, it has no pool) it makes up for with the ever-classy Library Bar, which serves up solid cocktails in the lobby, often with a side of live piano; and the Landmark Restaurant, serving carefully prepared upscale cuisine in a luxe dining room -- plus round-the-clock room service, for those times you just can’t be bothered to rouse yourself from the 300-thread-count sheets.