35 Denton Is Looking For Bands to Fill Some 60 Performance Slots Via Sonicbids

We're still five months away from the newly named 35 Denton music festival, which will take place in Denton on March 8 through March 12, and the festival is gearing up for another big year.

You might remember our coverage of the festival's previous three years in which DC9 at Night sicked a hornets nest of journalists upon Denton. This year, we can assume, will be no different. But before we ready our pens and notepads, 35 Denton has to book a band first -- a lot of 'em, actually.

According to a press release that just landed in the DC9 inbox, 35 Denton has 60 available performance slots for bands, local or not, to fill. If you have a band and want to play, or know someone who does, the application process is fairly simple. Visit the 35 Denton Sonicbids page and submit your band's electronic press kit. If you don't have an electronic press kit, according to the press release, Sonicbids makes them pretty easy to set up.

Sound like too much of a hassle? Well, the way 35 Denton sees it, they're doing you a big solid by having you create a Sonicbids electronic press kit. Even if your band doesn't make the 2012 roster, you'll be able to use it in future booking/promotion scenarios.

So, get online (you already are), and submit your band for the 2012 35 Denton festival. You'll thank them later. And stay tuned here for more 35 Denton updates. Word on the street is that they're about to announce the 2012 headliners.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.