"Four Moons Over My Hammies, please." (Fred Morledge)

A Bird. A Sparrow. Three Scrambled Eggs With Cheddar Cheese. Two Bacon Strips. Two Sausage Links. Hash browns (Or Grits). And A Choice Of Bread.

Last time we heard from emo pop-punk act A Bird A Sparrow, the band was getting all defensive in the comments section after I compared them and other area emo pop-punk bands of their ilk to gremlins.

Now the band is back in the news: This time, it's taking seven other acts on in a contest put on by Denny's (yes, the breakfast joint). And, should the band win, its members will get free Denny's for the entirety of their next tour. Which, actually, is a pretty sweat deal, to be honest--who can say no to free All-American Slams? Not me, for one.

And, turns out, A Bird A Sparrow is actually doing pretty OK in the competition, thank you very much. As I write this, the band's in second place in the vote-based competition, just a few points behind the Washington, D.C., act You, Me, And Everyone We Know. And, yes, that means they're doing way better than Fort Worth's Oh, Sleeper is doing, down in last place. (Only 0.3 percent of the vote? Yeesh.)

I guess the bratty emo punk thing is still en vogue with America's teens.

It probably helps, too, that the song the band offered Denny's to put up for free download, "We Own The Night" is pretty much tailor-made for MTV licensing.

Anyway, lord knows these kids need all the help they can get when it comes to filling out their skinny jeans. Vote for 'em here if you feel so inclined. Or vote for Oh, Sleeper. They could use the help, too. Obviously. --Pete Freedman

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