A Couple of Cool Shows Happening Tonight. Also: Josh Groban's Playing.

Not a bad Monday night of music as a cool Americana goddess and a quartet of ungodly metal acts hit our area this evening. And, yes, Josh Groban, too.

Josh Groban at the American Airlines Center
This guy has sold over 24 million albums. And, in 2008, he was named one of People Magazine's "100 Most Beautiful People." Who could ask for anything more?

Brandi Carlile and Ivan & Alyosha at the Granada Theater
Although she gets docked a few points for having so many songs featured on the television program Grey's Anatomy, singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile is an Americana artist to be reckoned with. Beginning with her 2005 self-titled debut, Carlile has consistently proved to have a songwriting acumen equal to that of folks twice her age. A pretty girl herself, Carlile's music certainly has its pretty sides, but songs like "Follow" and "Throw it all Away" demonstrate a tough quality missing from many of Carlile's contemporaries. Carlile's most recent effort, Live at Benaroya Hall, features a full symphony and may be a bit high-brow for fans of her previous releases. But I'm guessing a string section will not be used at the Granada this evening, so we'll all be able to enjoy Carlile's songs at their earthy, simplistic best.

Destruction, Heathen, Warbeast and Cunthammer at The Rail Club in Fort Worth
Looking for some extreme metal to start off your week? Well, just head on down to Cow Town tonight and check out Destruction. Hailing from Germany, these guys have been around since 1982, but due to numerous line-up changes, they've only released 11 albums. Destruction's recent effort, Day of Reckoning, looks and sounds like it could have been released in the '80s. Featuring a classic thrash metal sound and cover art that just reeks of Satanism, the album nevertheless rocks like, ahem, hell. San Francisco's Heathen, Arlington's Warbeast and Dallas' own Cunthammer provide ample support for tonight's ungodly proceedings.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.