A Pretty Adorable Take On The Spree, From Flute Player Audrey Easley's Big Sis

Fact: The Polyphonic Spree has more members than your band. And, as such, it has more siblings of band members than your band does. And, as such, the Spree is much more likely to have a band member whose sibling is a writer. And, as such, the Spree is far more likely to have that band member's sibling go ahead and write a piece about how proud she is of her Spree member and little sister.

Which brings us to this piece, written by Kristi Stevens (flautist Audrey Easley's big sis) about how proud she is of her sister.

It's nice to see this side of Easley, who rocks out on stage harder than any other member of the Spree on stage, including Tim DeLaughter. Also, it's kind of adorable. --Pete Freedman

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