ACL '09: Eddie Vedder Knows How To Play A Tambourine (Or: So That Wasn't Just Some Drunk Guy On Stage With Kings of Leon?)

First things first: Pangs of regret fill our hearts this morning at DC9--which, consider that today is Saturday, sounds about par for course. But, alas, today we have reason beyond our undiagnosed manic depression: Specifically, we missed the above seemingly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch one Eddie Vedder jumping on stage and jamming out with the Followill clan at ACL last night. We just figured we'd see the Kings on Wednesday at the ACC. So, yeah, we missed the collaboration. Sorry. But, as always, Youtube's here to get us out of a bind.

So where were we at this point of the night? A couple hundred yards west, checking out the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who were brought to replace the Beastie Boys after the three MCs and one DJ regretfully backed out of the deal earlier this summer. We were treated to a hell of a show ourselves (more on that later), but we'd be lying if we said we didn't care that we missed this. Oh well. There's always the next life.


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Pete Freedman
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