ACL '09: Neon Indian Dazzled--Even If Everyone Thought They Were The Raveonettes.

The radio announcer who introduced the band made sure to point out to the crowd that, despite whatever their programs may have said, this was not The Raveonettes. But, alas, the late arrivers to the XBox stage didn't necessarily hear as much.

So, great as Neon Indian may have been yesterday--and, make no mistake, they were pretty great, showcasing an increased on-stage confidence, and performing as a four-piece with Ronnie Gierhart back in the mix after missing the band's Monolith Festival debut--festival-goers throughout the day were consistently overheard talking about how they'd caught The Raveonettes earlier in the day and had enjoyed it, even if they hadn't been able to recognize any of the songs they'd heard.

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Pete Freedman
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