ACL '09: So Can We Get This Party Going Already, Or...?

Pretty sure I'm in Austin right now--seems it at least; there's a whole bunch of young people running around acting like there's something going on. I dunno, this is a pretty early wake-up call for me.

But I digress: I'll be here all weekend long, along with Observer Web editor and photographer extraordinaire Patrick Michels, documenting this year's fest for your reading please both here and on our DC9 at Night twitter feed, which you should start following immediately, as it'll no doubt be easier for us to whip out our cell phones and wow you with 140 characters of our top-notch prose than it will be to find a place where we don't mind busting out our laptop and typing away...

Again, I digress: First up on our list of must-sees is School of Seven Bells, which is set to hit Zilker Park's far east main stage at 'bout a half past noon. After that? Not sure. The Knux? The Avett Brothers? The Walkmen? Definitely The Walkmen.

Anyway, we'll be in touch. Stay tuned...


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