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A.Dd+ Asks For Your Help In Releasing Its Long-Awaited Debut, When Pigs Fly.

Speaking of promising local hip-hop upstarts who are taking their sweet time releasing their next album, in-house DC9 favorite A.Dd+ is in the throes of a fundraising effort so it can finally get around to releasing its long-anticipated Picnic-produced debut full-length, When Pigs Fly.

And, like Green River Ordinance and The Debut before them, the rap duo is taking to a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $2,000 it feels is necessary to finish the deal. Here's hoping they reach their goal -- you can donate to the cause here -- especially since we've been teased with promises of the disc's since March and started wondering if it was going to be the Dallas hip-hop version of Chinese Democracy back in September. Given that the fundraising efforts are set to end on December 9, we're hopeful that the wait will end soon, though, and that the effort ends up being worth all the to-do.

It should, too. Remember: This is a duo that, on the strength of just one mixtape, almost took home the title of Best Hip-Hop Act at this past year's Dallas Observer Music Awards.

Watch Paris and Flaco to make their plea for your hard-earned money after the jump.

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