A.Dd+ Performed at the Dallas Museum of Art, and It Was Glorious: Video

Anything, absolutely anything, can now happen in Dallas.

I know that's true because I witnessed this miracle on Friday night. Performing underneath Dale Chihuly's "Hart Window," a wreath of blown glass platters that rises majestically north in the DMA's grand Atrium, A.Dd+ refused to give up and call this set a wash.

Most of the crowd was there for the museum's late night series, dressed in sweater sets and sitting at tables. They were genuinely confused.

"We hate to interrupt your sandwiches and cheeses and wine," Slim shouted. "But we've got to get you up and out of those chairs."

Then, this happened. It was glorious, and so was hearing the duo repeatedly shout out their Twitter handle, ADdHOE, then immediately apologize. Over. And over. And over.

(Bonus thrill: The guy in front of me teaching his date how to "put her hands up." Each time she tried, she immediately jerked them back, like she'd touched a hot stove.)

A.Dd+ at the Dallas Museum of Art from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

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