A.Dd+ Releases New Single, Prepares National Release of Dive Hi Fly Lo

On Monday, Dallas' own A.Dd+ dropped a new track on Spin.com. "Where You Been" is a laid back, candy paint drippin' holdover for the fans featuring production from DJ Burn One. With an insanely catchy hook, and a heavy bass to get the shoulder swingin- the single is solid. Slim's story telling abilities in verse are becoming more and more refined, as they almost overpower his counterpart on this one. Though Paris' wordplay gets more complex and interesting around his 8th bar, his verse leaves us wanting more (especially after hearing him go so hard on "Paris' Pen" & "Audio Day Dream" off this Spring's local preview release of the forthcoming Dive Hi Fly Lo).

The title of the track is fraught with irony, considering it's been almost five months since the duo's nearly sold out album release show at The Granada, and little has been heard from the duo since. Though a few copies of the local preview version of Dive Hi Fly Lo are still in stock at CD Warehouse in Arlington, they are no longer in production & most of the songs are still not available for streaming online. The duo spent some time recording at the legendary Stankonia Studios in Atlanta over the Spring, and are estimating a national release in "about four to six weeks", per their management."

"Where You Been" is definitely nice, but the tone in the city is clear- Dallas is ready and waiting for this album.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.