After Long Stay, Spune Productions' Lance Yocom To Be Released From Hospital

Spune Productions head Lance Yocom is moving rather swiftly down the road to recovery after he mysteriously fell ill in Flagstaff, Arizona, last month.

It took a few weeks of intense testing for doctors to discover the Yocom was suffering from severe pneumonia. As such, for over a month, Yocom has spent most of his time under heavy sedation, hooked up to machinery that provided oxygen support among other things. He even had to get a tracheotomy.

All the while, Yocom's wife, Somer, has been keeping everyone back home in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex informed on Lance's progress via a prolific blog she's keeping on Caring Bridge. Her entries have all been quite positive, asking for thoughts and prayers for Lance's recovery. It all seems to be working, too, because, yesterday, she passed along some of the best news we've heard so far.

Lance is "going wireless," she said, as all the tubes, wiring, and machinery were removed from her husband yesterday. Even the tracheotomy was taken out, leaving a hole that Lance must cover when he speaks or coughs. The hole will heal in just a few days, but all that progress is trumped by some even better news.

Somer says that Lance's doctors plan to discharge him from the hospital today. Wrote Somer yesterday:

He has made so much progress that nurses keep coming by to see him. I don't think many people at the hospital get well this fast (or at all). They all love seeing the kids and are so encouraging and happy for his healing. Because of how good he feels, the plan is to discharge him Friday (that's tomorrow, people)! We know this plan is tentative and could change but all of the specialists involved in the decision agree he is ready to go. Lance wants to sleep in his own bed and can't wait to get home. Obviously, we can't wait for him to be home either.

No word yet confirming his release today, but we hope to see him back here soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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