Ain't No (Apollo) Sunshine

You’ve bought the ticket. You’ve washed the T-shirt. You and your best friend, also a big Apollo Sunshine fan, have been practicing your encore yells to make sure they’ll be irresistible at the band's show in Dallas next Friday, October 17.

Keep in mind, there is a global financial crisis unfolding. Things are getting rough in Pakistan, and in Ohio, a judge sentenced a rap fan to listen to Bach and Beethoven. (Wait, that’s actually kind of cool.) But let’s keep this all in perspective.

The point being, Apollo Sunshine is not coming. They announced the cancellation of several tour dates on their website. The British band Dirty Pretty Things is embarking on their final tour (yep, they’re breaking up - didn’t prepare you for that one) in the UK and Ireland, and they just had to have Apollo Sunshine with them.

So instead of going through Nashville, Atlanta, Hattiesburg, Miss., Dallas and Austin, their psychedelic pop 60’s sound will be reverberating through Cambridge, London, and Oxford in the U.K., and Belfast, Cork, Galway, Wicklow and Dublin in Ireland. I’m feeling betrayed and disillusioned. I tell you what, trading the glories of the South for Europe? I just don’t understand it. I wonder if they’d take me along. -- Dianna Wray

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