All Those Austinites And Oklahomans Making You Wanna Leave Town? Well, This Is The Best We Can Do.

From the deep indie department comes this late critic’s pick for this evening: Kal at The Blue Danube European Restaurant & Café in Arlington.

Two summers ago, I reviewed Kal’s debut effort for the print edition of the Observer and little has changed in my opinion that this collection of Balkan musicians are in a zone of their own. Playing music from Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia, Kal has become quite the rage across Europe.

Fronted by one Dragan Ristic, this otherworldly sextet hasn’t made an appearance in our area before (hence the hefty $35 ticket price). Blue Danube owner/chef Miroslav Badonsky informed me yesterday that the price of admission includes a buffet dinner and that, judging by the reservations list, may barely leave any room for all of Kal’s instruments. The good news, though, is that Badonsky says the restaurant will try to accommodate all who venture out to the gig.

Another show of interest coming to The Blue Danube on November 7th will be Kabile, a noted dance band from Bulgaria. Look like it’s going to be a multicultural music fest this fall in North Texas. --Darryl Smyers

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