Another Local Hip-Hop Name To Know: Big Gemini

Really can't say I'd ever heard of Dallas hip-hop artist Big Gemini before coming across the above video this afternoon.

Don't really apologize for it either--kind tough to keep up with the Dallas hip-hop scene these days. So much so that I'll say this quite confidently: Either something's definitely, definitely happening here, or we're all just a bunch of total, complete suckers. And I don't know if there's an in-between in that scenario.

Anyway, as you can see from the above clip from BallerStatus.com, Big Gemini's on something of a roll. Or seems to be. Again, I'd never heard of him or his apparent hit track "Hypnotized" before just now--and, granted, I haven't been listening to too much hip-hop radio of late--but I think he's legit. His Myspace page reveals that the track, which features Lil Rob and No.1 hit-maker Flo Rida (impressive), has over 800,000 plays.

So, there you have it: Guess it's time to add Big Gemini to the ever-growing list of must-know names in the DFW hip-hop scene... --Pete Freedman

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