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Another Punk Icon Visits The Richard Hunter Show, Preps For Prophet Bar Gig

Two weeks ago, it was Marky Ramone who visited with Richard Hunter on Hunter's afternoon radio show on KMNY-1360 AM. Today's it's punk icon Jello Biafra who graces our area airwaves at 4:30 this afternoon, spewing forth his seemingly endless (but still funny) diatribes against corporate America.

Biafra, the former Dead Kennedys frontman, is in town to perform with his new band Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine at the Prophet Bar tonight.

Back in the day, Biafra performed with Hunter's band Killbilly, as well as campaigning on Hunter's behalf when he ran for mayor of Fort Worth in the mid '90s. Few can forget the time when Biafra himself ran for mayor of his native San Francisco with a platform that included banning all cars from downtown and insisting that business people wear clown outfits to work.

On today's show, expect Hunter to ask Biafra about his punk rock legacy, as well as Biafra's extensive involvement with the Green Political Party. Should be another fascinating conversation that ought to be heard by a lot more people...

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Darryl Smyers
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