The second-best album of the year? Obviously.
The second-best album of the year? Obviously.

Another Year, Another Baffling Year-End List From DMN Music Critic Mario Tarradell...

Dallas Morning News music critic Mario Tarradell did us all a solid and posted his always highly anticipated year-end list of top albums and concerts yesterday morning. And, true to form, this year's list is every bit as mind-blowing as last year's offering.

Of course, the real hilarity here--once you've moved past the fact that he named Barbra Streisand's Love Is the Answer as the No. 2 album of the year, at least--is in the comments section, where Tarradell's been accused of having a housewife's musical tastes. And, well, those two American Idol alums on his list aren't exactly helping matters...

But, unlike last year, it seems Tarradell's learned his lesson when it comes to defending his choices against anonymous commenters. Instead, this year, that task's been taking up by a single commenter named HoCo, who's all about Tarradell's picks. Which is cool, except that HoCo may or may not be biased himself--especially since HoCo shares the A-Rod-ian nickname of Miami Herald music critic Howard Cohen, who runs a whole entire blog for the Herald dedicated to just American Idol and nothing else. That, of course, is all speculation...

So too, actually, is our concern about whether Tarradell attended any concerts this year in venues that seat less than 5,000 people. So let's just end this blog post right now before we get into trouble.

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