Anticipation Continues To Mount For Midlake's The Courage of Others...

Remember back in October, when we were all like, "Hey, what the what is Jason Lee (of Mallrats and My Name is Earl) fame doing in Denton?" and then we realized that, oh, he was just in town helping out his pals in Midlake, shooting a video or something? Maybe? Cool, 'cause the above clip? Well, that's the fruit of Lee's labor, a teaser video for Midlake's to-be-released-on-February-2 album, The Courage of Others.

The band debuted the clip on its site earlier this week, to get some juices flowing amongst its fans. Doubt that's why the band earned this nod from The Guardian yesterday, wherein all the work that the band put into the new release is documented for the paper's British readership. (Hat tip). But it certainly can't have hurt the band, that's for sure: Check this gleeful tweet from the band's Bella Union label last night, in which it's revealed that The Courage of Others is ranked No. 1on on Amazon UK's pre-order site--above Sade and Massive Attack, even.

We really shouldn't be surprised by any of this, though. After all, this is a pretty important record we're talking about here.

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