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Apparently, Today's The Day That Area Chipotle Shops Unveil The Oso Closo Burrito...

...or so some press release from Chipotle reminds us today. Just don't tell that to the folks at the McKinney Avenue spot in Uptown, where the burrito
--named for Oso Closo after it won a Chipotle-sponsored contest--was being advertised for sale as early as Tuesday this week. Was when I popped in for a quick dinner that night, at least.

Anyway, to answer your question: Yes, I ordered it. It was delightful, if a little pricey at $8 a pop. (Oso Closo frontman Adrian Hulet may think it's "kind of sweet" that they charge extra money for the guacamole that comes in his band's burrito. But I, for one, do not.)

The promotion runs through March 12. At that point, you'll have to again relay to a member of the staff the ingredients you want in your burrito on command, per standard Chipotle protocol, rather than simply blurting out the name of a local band in an awkward--at best, let's face it--exchange.

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Pete Freedman
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