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Be There: Carter Albrecht Memorial Show At Club Dada Tonight

Tonight, starting at nine o'clock at Club Dada, Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt and countless other prominent area (and returning) musicians who knew and loved Carter Albrecht (full line-up after the jump) will be hosting and performing at a special one-year anniversary memorial show for their fallen-but-hardly-forgotten friend.

Albrecht, known around town for his work in countless area bands, including The New Bohemians, Sorta and his own project, Sparrows, was killed just about a year ago.

Tonight's show is $10 to attend, although proceeds, oddly enough, will go to the Anju Gill Foundation rather than the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation. Still, seems to be a good cause being supported here, at what should be a very cathartic, if somber night. --Pete Freedman

9 p.m. - Dave Little 9:15 - Jayson Bales 9:30 - Glen Reynolds 9:45 - John Dufilho 10:00 - Kenny Withrow & Scott Johnson 11:00 - Salim Nourallah 11:20 - Trey Carmichael 12 a.m. - Chris Holt & Friends 12:30 - Trey Johnson / Ward and Friends

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Pete Freedman
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