Beach Fossils Do Slowdive's "Alison"

Before we get into this week's edition of Covering Tracks, a quick aside. Are you familiar with digital panhandling? Seems begging for money under the cloak of art and charity is socially acceptable these days. With a financial goal, a well-crafted mission statement and a Kickstarter account, you too can be on your way to a new laptop or extra weed money. For an excellent primer on the Kickstarter trend, enjoy this scene from Portlandia:

How does this relate? Well, if you donate $15 or more to new "quarterly zine" Ad Hoc, you get a download of 50 previously unreleased tracks from supportive artists, one of which is our featured cover of the week.

Brooklyn's Beach Fossils have shown a penchant for '80s-inspired jangle pop, but they're evidently fans of shoegaze as well. Slowdive, one of the more underrated bands of "the scene that celebrates itself," provides their swirling source material.

Beach Fossils' cover of Souvlaki standout "Alison" is quite faithful to the original. There's slightly less reverb and no Rachel Goswell, but the harmonies are true and the lead guitar line is just as hypnotic: Beach Fossils: "Alison (Slowdive Cover)" by adhocfm

Tipping our hand for next week, we expect a brand new, exclusive track from a member of Deep Ellum royalty. Feel free to speculate. And if you're a band with a mind-blowing cover, please hit us up!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.