Black Tie Dynasty Tones Down Hairdos, Posts New Video

One of these guys plays bass for Black Tie Dynasty, and the other sullied the Jonas Brothers' good name on Sunday night.

If you didn’t catch the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night—and if you did, shouldn’t you be doing your homework right now?—you’ve probably by now at least seen cable-news rebroadcasts of host Russell Brand’s “scandalous” jokes. Heaven forbid he dare mock our sacred cow celebrities and politicians! I couldn’t care less about that manufactured controversy, but the similarity between his asymmetrical bird’s nest hairstyle and that rocked by Black Tie Dynasty bassist Blake McWhorter really jumped out at me.

Make that “formerly rocked by" McWhorter. In the band’s brand-spanking new video for “Much Scarier,” it looks like a stylist convinced the guys to lay off the mousse. The video, created by Peter Marsh, is visually impressive, all mysteriously glowing cubes, animated rain and mustache. As for the music—as if that matters—the band is still wearing its ‘80s rock influences on its sleeve; this new song from the forthcoming Down Like Anyone isn’t going to change your opinion one way or the other.

Check it out after the jump.--Jesse Hughey

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Pete Freedman
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