A few weeks back, I ran down a list of the albums I'm most anticipating from the local set in '11, and, included on that list, among many other expected releases, was Air Review's forthcoming, as-yet-untitled EP -- a release that's still a ways off, even if the first single from the disc is slated for iTunes release in the "next month or so," according to guitarist Jeff Taylor.

In the meantime, a new song passed along by Taylor and his bandmates as a free download for DC9 readers will have to do. The song, though already included in the band's live sets, won't, surprisingly enough, be included on the band's upcoming EP, Taylor warns -- although, he promises, the song "is similar to the direction the EP is taking, though." And that, my friends, is a very good thing.

Called "Waiting Lessons," the track turns down the token Air Review bombast in exchange for an emphasis on the band's impressive musicianship and flat-out beautiful harmonies -- not altogether unlike the somewhat out-of-place, but similarly pleasing closing track, "Jura," from the band's 2008 debut, Landmarks. Only, uh, with a slightly more Fleet Foxes-esque appeal.

Download the track after the jump. Then catch Air Review on Saturday night in the House of Blues' Cambridge Room, where the band will share a bill with new outfit People on Vacation.

Bonus MP3: Air Review -- "Waiting Lessons"

Bonus MP3:

Air Review -- "Waiting Lessons"

Kinda scary to think about what kind of material the band must be coming up with, if this song isn't considered strong enough to make the cut for the new EP.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.