Bonus MP3: Analog Rebellion -- "Accomplice"

After sharing with us, oh, about a million songs with us in 2010, it looks like Daniel Hunter, the man behind the Analog Rebellion moniker is planning to follow similar suit in 2011.

Over the weekend, Hunter passed along a new mp3 for a song called "Accomplice." It's a bit of a deviation, even from his own brand of "stadium lo-fi." To us, that means more and more proof of the 21-year-old Hunter's home-production genius. According to Hunter, it's a "little preview of what 2011 will bring."

Far as I can tell, that means a whole boatload of distortion, some break beats, a little Trent Reznor influence, some pop undertones and bass, bass, bass. 2011 is gonna be a weird year, dudes.

After the jump, give the song a much merited stream and download.

Bonus mp3:

Analog Rebellion -- "Accomplice"

OK, a lot of Trent Reznor influence.

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