Bonus MP3 and Gig Alert: Check Out "Mouthbreather" by The Bled and Catch the Band at The Prophet Bar Tonight.

Tuscon's metalcore heavyweights The Bled stop through town tonight for a gig at The Prophet Bar, and these guys incorporate just enough of the classic sludge/noise from the likes of Mudhoney and The Jesus Lizard to keep the indie folks interested.

Also, seeing that our weather has taken a turn towards hellish, what better time to check out The Bled's new album Heat Fetish? The album came out in March, and it's the feisty quintet's fourth effort. To celebrate tonight's show, The Bled was gracious enough to offer up a MP3 for the readers of DC9. The song is "Mouthbreather" and it's one minute and thirty two seconds of sweat-soaked aggression. Check it out after the jump.

Dig it? Then check out the band on tonight's strong bill at The Prophet Bar, which also features Our Last Night, I Am Abomination, Veara, and Dallas' own The News Can Wait. Looks like a lengthy, sweaty night in Deep Ellum.

Bonus mp3:

The Bled -- "Mouthbreaker"

That's a pretty tasty slice of metal for a band that changed four out of its five members just last year. Hopefully this lineup of The Bled can stay together long enough to keep making music as satisfying as most of Heat Fetish.

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