Bonus MP3 and Gig Alert: Listen to Caleb Ian Campbell's "Resonate" and Catch Him Tonight at Dan's Silverleaf

Former Polycorns frontman

Caleb Ian Campbell

finished recording his solo debut with Robert Gomez in June. Called


, Campbell is unsure when said effort will be released.

"I'm currently shopping it around with the help of a few friends," says Campbell. "I'm just as excited about the album as I am the live show I have put together with my backing band."

See the band's first time playing together outside of a practice space in the above clip, when Campbell and his band joined us for a filming session back in July. See an even cleaner performance, one assumes, tonight at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton, where Campbell and Co. will be joined on a bill by Peopleodian and Savage and the Big Beat.

"We are going to be performing several new songs that are even newer than the unreleased album," says Campbell.  

To help entice people to come to tonight's show, Campbell was kind enough to offer up "Resonate," a track that will appear on Captions, as a free download for DC9 readers.

Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Caleb Ian Campbell -- "Resonate"

That's a nice slice of indie-pop with a definite Decemberists feel. Ought to be a fun night at Dan's.

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