Bonus MP3: Anonymous -- "Get Up"

"I don't know what you've been told, but George Bush is out of control," raps Anonymous at the beginning of "Get Up." The track combines the Pleasant Grove rapper's rhymes about the troubles plaguing the Bush-plagued country with inspiration and hope, all over a Lehtmo Joe LehtMoJoe-produced military marching beat.

"Get Up" was originally intended for Anonymous' forthcoming album, but since the release date has been moved to later in the spring, he has decided to offer up the track as a way to celebrate the new year and the new President.

"This song was also dropped due to the fact that it will be outdated by May," he writes in an email. "So, I figure, let the people enjoy. I won't hold on to any song because I feel I get better every time. So now, its not up to par with my now."

OK then.

Bonus mp3:

Anonymous -- "Get Up"

Until his album is released, you can enjoy the above free download, or hit his MySpace site to download his mixtape, Anonymous Files Vol. 1, which will be followed on February 1 by Vol. 2. --Jesse Hughey

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