Bonus MP3: Audrey Auld -- "Last Seen in Gainesville"

For a gal from Australia, country singer Audrey Auld sure sings with an authentic Texas twang. Check out this new song, “Last Seen in Gainesville,” from her most recent CD Music with the Dirt Left On.

Bonus mp3:

Audrey Auld -- "Last Seen in Gainesville"

Audrey Auld -- "Last Seen in Gainesville"

With a vocal style that faintly recalls local fave Lisa Loeb, Auld’s way with a folk/rock groove is evident in spades. Auld has sung with a virtual who’s who of Americana, including stints with Buddy Miller, Charlie Louvin, Dale Watson, Jim Lauderdale, Fred Eaglesmith and Jimmy La Fave, among others. She also has seven albums to her credit, runs her own label (Reckless Records) and has won several Australian songwriting awards.

Hopefully, her star will continue to rise in the states as most folks in these parts could certainly use an injection of Auld’s wit and wisdom. Auld opens for Kevin Welch this Friday at Uncle Calvin’s Coffee House, and will also be playing a Saturday in-store gig at Bill’s Records. --Darryl Smyers

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