Bonus MP3: Automorrow -- "Get Your Own Friends"

Local punk/alternative/reggae/electronica band Automorrow has a new single about to hit the streets, and guitarist Michael DuFault was kind enough to offer a sneak preview of the song for the loyal readers of DC9.

It's called "Get Your Own Friends," and it's not a bad little ditty if you ask me--especially considering it was independently produced by the band. If Automorrow continues on this more straight-forward rock direction, I believe its fortunes will continue to rise. Sometimes, that old cliché of too many cooks spoiling the soup proves very true with bands trying to incorporate too many styles.

Anyway, after the jump, check out "Get Your Own Friends" for a catchy dose of emo-laced rock.

Bonus mp3:

Automorrow -- "Get Your Own Friends"

"Get Your Own Friends" will be available on all major digital music distributors by February 5 as the band readies its first full-length album.

DuFault also said that the band is also setting up a special show in honor of the new single being available. A song and a band to watch for in the new year, for sure.


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