Bonus MP3: Bad Sports -- "Your Timin' Just Ain't Right"

Bonus MP3: Bad Sports -- "Your Timin' Just Ain't Right"

In less than a week since its release, Play Pinball! Record's compilation album Denton Denton USA! has already sold over a hundred copies. And, according to the label, Denton's Recycled Books has "sold out" twice and needed to replenish--which, OK, only means about dozen copies or so, but, keep in mind that the album was released on New Year's Eve. And, while it may be hard to quantify a "hit" in the world of local music sales, it's a safe bet that Chris Engberg and Trent Ostvig, the pair behind Play Pinball!, are feeling pretty good about their investment thus far--readers may remember that the label was started to release the compilation.  

Naturally, the limited "Lone Star State blue" vinyl copies are already sold out, but the label still has plenty of plain ol' black copies--for now. I wouldn't be too surprised if they end up selling every single LP (and not just because the album's cover boasts that great, almost mythic shot of Midway Mart, Denton's beer-run HQ). The album boasts an excellent collection of new, rare and unreleased tracks--including a new one from Fergus & Geronimo. And Play Pinball! was kind enough to let us share another of those unreleased tracks, this one from DC9 favorite Bad Sports, with our readers. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Bad Sports -- "Your Timin' Just Ain't Right"

"Your Timin' Just Ain't Right" is the first track on the B-side of the album, and according to Bad Sports singer-guitarist Orville Neeley, the track was recorded at the same time as the

Bad Sports

LP--which was released this summer and ranks among my favorite local releases of the year.

Apparently, Neeley says, the song very nearly made the album: "We love playing it live," Neeley said by phone late last night. But, he says, the band felt the song might've been a bit "too boogie" for the LP. "But now I kinda wish it had made its way onto the album."

As for Play Pinball!, the label's planning on having its next release out by March.


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