Bonus MP3: Bravo, Max! -- "German Chocolate Cake"

Just got word from Ben Gastright, bassist for local alt-country act Bravo, Max!, that the band has expanded to seven members. The complete line up is now Johnny Beauford, Gastright, Steve Vanderheide, Eli Staford, Ellie Stevens, Bob Loshelder and Chris Schmidt.

"We're your standard rock instrumentation plus accordion and clarinet thrown in every once in a while," says Gastright. "We're still trying to hone our sound, though I kind of like that we're not simply folk rock or tumbleweed punk or a post-present math jam band."

And not only has the band added a couple of members, they've also been busy recording some demos and Gastight was nice enough to send one over for the listening pleasure of the readers of DC-9.

The song is called "German Chocolate Cake" and you can check it out after the jump.

Bravo, Max! - "German Chocolate Cake"

Although Gastight doesn't know what label to put on the band's sound, I'd venture forth the opinion that "Cake" is a pretty great song. Reminds me of the great Volebeats.

Check out Bravo, Max! on August 6 at City Tavern. I know I will.

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