Bonus MP3: Bravo Max - "Losing Her"

Bravo Max is a very recent entry on the Dallas music scene. Consisting of Johnny Beauford, Daniel Beauford, Steve Vanderheide and Ben Gastright, the quartet is just now getting out of the rehearsal space and hitting the area clubs.

Bassist (and former CD Source employee) Ben Gastright was nice enough to send over a freshly recorded studio track. It's called "Losing Her" and it's pretty damn catchy. Check it out...

Bonus mp3:

Bravo Max -- "Losing Her"

Kind of alt-countryish, don't you think? I'm sure the area scene can absorb another alt-country act--assuming, that is, the rest of the band's writing is as good as it is on this particular cut.

If your interests are piqued, you can catch Bravo Max at The Doublewide tonight on a bill with Canada's

Bravo Max -- "Losing Her"

and Ireland's The Guggenheim Grotto. Should make for one hell of a multicultural experience.

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