Quite the treat via ye olde inbox this morning, as longtime DC9 favorite Bridges & Blinking Lights has finally and formally announced the name and release date of its upcoming, sophomore full-length.

Heroes, Guns & Snakes, the note reads, will earn its official release on March 2, book-ended by a February 27 Dallas release show at the Double Wide and a March 4 Denton release show at Hailey's Club. The follow-up album to 2007's phenomenal debut, Standing On The Same Stick, will also find the band touring the Midwest and, supposedly, releasing a music video of sorts. More immediately, the band can be seen on Saturday, January 16, at a gig at The Moon in Fort Worth.

But, enough of the press release jibber-jabber. How does the disc sound? Ah, well, after the jump, take a listen to "Undercover," the opening track from the disc, which the band has been kind enough to pass along as a free download.

Bonus MP3: Bridges & Blinking Lights -- "Undercover"

Bonus mp3:

Bridges & Blinking Lights -- ""Undercover"

It's been three years since the release of the band's debut--which, no big deal, boasted one of the best three-song openings we've heard with its "Half Way Home"-"Lazy Susan"-"One Of Us" triple-play--and it doesn't appear as if the band's skipped a beat. Here's looking forward to March, eh?

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