Bonus MP3: Buscar Bronca -- "Angels Sing"

We haven't heard from Aryn Dalton for some time now that Blackbird Harmony went teats up, but that's not to say the former drummer for BH and The Paper Chase hasn't been lurking behind the scenes, conjuring up some new noise of his own. Dalton's project Buscar Bronca, however, is quite a bit different than what you'd probably expect from the maniacal percussionist that collaborated with Congleton, Weaver and Kirkpatrick for many years. It plays nicely, in fact, with Blackbird Harmony's old country haunts.

Saturated with folk and plugged-in Southern laze, along with some tinges of sauced C&W, Buscar Brona's new album Kings and Killers was written, performed and recorded by Dalton in his Lancaster, TX home (with some tracks featuring lead guitar by former Blackbird Harmony mastermind Evan Birdsong) and mastered by Matt Barnhart at Argyle, TX's Echo Lab. I don't want to give too much away about what I think, however, since I've got a full review in an upcoming edition of DC-9's print counterpart.

So for now, we're giving you a chance to download "Angels Sing" for free and also telling you to just go download the full album on the Buscar Bronca site. The album download is also technically free, but seeing as how there's that "donate" button right there below the album and Dalton paid for it out of pocket, we're sure you'll be supporting local music with a handsome donation. Right? Excellent. Carry on then. You'll find the track after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Buscar Bronca -- "Angels Sing"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.