Bonus MP3: Calhoun -- "Drifting"

It was way back in late March when I first met Tim Locke of Calhoun. I'd missed his band's set--and at the time not regrettably; I'd gone to the Barley House that evening to see Dove Hunter, and pretty much only Dove Hunter.

After Dove Hunter's jangly, drunken, and yet still-spectacular set, I saw Stuart Sikes, who I knew was working on the production for Dove Hunter's disc. I introduced myself basically to see how the Dove Hunter record was coming along. Sikes said it was going well, but hardly expanded on the topic. Instead, he changed the topic altogether: "Have you heard Calhoun yet? Did you see their set?"

I, of course, hadn't, and Sikes, in turn, immediately called Locke over to the conversation. Within minutes, Locke pressed the just-finished version of the band's Fatler.Waver.Cultivate into my hands, but warned that it's official release date was a long's ways off. On the car ride home, I fell in love with at least one track--"Apocalypse (A Love Story)"--to the point where I emailed Locke a few days later, asking if I could post the track for download on this blog. He agreed, and we posted it. (You can still go fetch it, by the way, and I recommend you do.)

Almost a half a year later, the disc finally earned its official release--and, as such, I finally got around to praising it in print this week. Now, Locke's been kind enough to give us permission to offer up another track for download. As I wrote about the track below in my review, "Drifting" is a really great example of Locke's songwriting abilities...

Bonus mp3:

Calhoun -- "Drifting"

I'm a sucker for the "What kind of king does that?" line and how it leads ito the marching drum beat. Gets me every time. --Pete Freedman

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