Bonus MP3: Crushed Stars -- "Eyeliner"

Speaking of Crushed Stars, mastermind Todd Gautreau will be bringing his project to La Grange tonight to showcase his latest material, which, mind you, is mostly the product of his own mind and playing. Aside from some assistance from drummer Jeff Ryan (Sarah Jaffe, Pleasant Grove) and production work from John Congleton (the Paper Chase frontman who has scored highly lately with his work on new albums from St. Vincent and The Walkmen, among others), the work of Crushed Stars is almost singularly Gautreau's, as, in the studio, he provides all the elements to his ethereal work, aside from the drumming.

As such, tonight's offering should be an interesting one, if only to see how he plans on pulling off the feat in a live setting -- especially since his latest, Convalescing in Braille, is an impressive effort that our own Jesse Hughey recently described as "the kind of textured, soothing, chill-out rock that perfectly suits gray drizzly days or droopy-eyed late nights."

In anticipation of tonight's show, Gautreau was kind enough to pass along a free mp3 from his new disc so fans can properly prepare themselves. The song, "Eyeliner," goes well with Hughey's description. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3: Crushed Stars -- "Eyeliner"

It also pairs nicely with his cover of "99 Red Balloons," which we passed along your way back in August.

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