Bonus MP3: Crushed Stars Passes Along A Cover Song. And He Has A New Album On The Way.

Just got word from Todd Gautreau, the lone man behind the ethereal act known as Crushed Stars, that he'll be finishing up a new album this coming weekend. The album, Gautreau hopes, will be release in mid-November.

The album, tentatively titled Convalescing in Braille, is Gautreau's fifth under the Crushed Stars moniker. And anyone familiar with the work of Red House Painters or The Clientele will know exactly from whence Gautreau finds his muse. So this new effort shouldn't differ too significantly from the ambient pop of his previous efforts.

But Gautreau does some added help this time around: The new album is being produced by John Congleton, and it features Jeff Ryan (Sarah Jaffe, Pleasant Grove) on drums.

Everything else? That's handled by Gautreau, who has been a busy little shoegazer of late. In advance of the new record, he just released a single featuring a couple of cool cover songs, "99 Red Balloons" and "Lady Jane," this past February.

And, speaking of that single, Gautreau was nice enough to provide a free MP3 of his "99 Red Balloons" cover after the jump. Give it a listen.

Bonus mp3:

Crushed Stars -- "99 Red Balloons"

Hey, it beats Nena's version. Maybe not 7 Seconds' version, though.

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