Bonus MP3: Datahowler -- "Prophet"

Regular DC9 readers should know the name Datahowler. Or, if not Datahowler, then Objektiv One. As you might recall, they're the same person -- one Ross Edman.

Edman used to go by the name of Objektiv One, back when he was making waves around the Internet as a mashup artist. Back in June, though, he changed his name to Datahowler, suddenly sick of reworking the music of others and inspired to make his own, chillwave-y creations.

And, since that announcement, Edman's completed his debut Datahowler album, called Slowdrifter. Unfortunately, there's no release date yet slated -- although Edman hopes to change that in the next couple of weeks. Like many other area artists before him, he's going the Kickstarter campaign route, hoping to raise $1,500 in funds from fans and supporters so he can properly promote the 14-track release and print up actual, real-life physical copies of the disc.

As always with these kinds of campaigns, donation amounts are incentive-based -- and, to his credit, Datahowler's conjured up some cool ideas on that front. For example, if you're willing to cough up $200 on his behalf, you'll get in return a whole bunch of limited edition releases tied to his debut album and -- get this -- a personalized theme song, written by Edman for you.

Aspiring wrestlers, this is your chance to finally get some respect.

After the jump, a taste of what's to come from Datahowler's new release -- and maybe a slice of how your theme song might sound -- in the form of a free mp3 download of the song, "Prophet," which Edman has been kind enough to pass along to DC9 readers. Check it out.

Bonus mp3:

Datahowler -- "Prophet"

Inspired by 1050s sci-fi, Edman describes Datahowler's largely instrumental music as a fusion of "elements of hip-hop, downtempo, electronic, indie and jazz music." Sounds about right. Sounds pretty good, too, actually.

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