Bonus MP3: Doug Burr -- "A Black Wave Is Comin'"

In this week's paper, I catch up with deservedly revered area Americana singer

Doug Burr


talk to him about how both life and circumstance are forcing him to think about his career differently heading into the release of his fourth full-length album

. The new disc,

O Ye Devastator

, which earns its release today, is a big one for Burr--it's the album, essentially, that he hopes will take him past the occasional


mention and into more of a nationally recognized realm. It could do that much for him, too--not necessarily because it's better than 2007's

On Promenade

(that much is debatable) but because it's another offering of phenomenal, touching songs from an artist that has gone almost painfully unnoticed outside of the region.

Slick promotional materials like the above video, featuring the album's lead-off track, "A Back Wave Is Comin'," aim to help Burr get his due. And, after the jump, enjoy a download of that same song, which Burr and his team have kindly passed along as a second free download from the disc (download "Red, Red" right here).

Bonus mp3:

Doug Burr -- "A Black Wave Is Comin'"

A little dark and dreary, but undoubtedly gorgeous. In short? "A Black Wave Is Comin'" is the quintessential Burr offering. Enjoy.

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