Bonus MP3: Douglas Woodlane - "Broken Blue"

Besides his involvement in the alt-country combo Bluetortillas, local singer/songwriter Douglas Woodlane has found time to record a couple of solo efforts, the most recent being Douglas Woodlane and the Thieves. The very Neil Youngish opening cut is "Broken Blue" and Woodlane was kind enough to send this over as a free MP3 for the readers of DC9. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Douglas Woodlane -- "Broken Blue"

That's a nice slab of country-ish rock, I say. The rest of the album follows suit, as Woodlane channels all sorts of cool influences (Son Volt, Gram Parsons) into his dense and detailed musical diatribes.

Hailing out of the mid-cities, Woodlane is a 38-year-old jack-of-all-trades who needs to get himself a good agent and start taking this shit seriously.

Catch Bluetortillas at Muddy Waters on July 25 and look for a solo appearance real soon.

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