Bonus MP3: EpiTas - "Wider Skies"

EpiTas is a relatively new local quartet that quietly released its debut, self-titled full-length last summer. And "quietly" is the operative term there--EpiTas' music is pretty mellow stuff. Which is kinda weird, actually, since the band's name supposedly comes from the Greek phrase "I tan I epi tas" which means "Come back with your shield."

Anyway, the song "Wider Skies" comes from that from the debut and it has interesting alt-country/folk vibe. The vocals may be a bit over-emotive for some, but the music has a nice Byrds quality to it. EpiTas does, on occasion, rock harder, but this cut does a good job of summarizing what the band has to offer. Check it out.

Bonus mp3:

EpiTas -- "Wider Skies"

Consisting of George Miadis, Bill Mantza, Daniel Schmuck (no joke!) and Roy Oteo, EpiTas will be doing its thing at

EpiTas -- "Wider Skies"

on Saturday as part of the bar's St. Patrick's Day celebration.

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