Bonus MP3: Faux Fox -- "Dirt City Rollers"

Last week, we told you where to find some of the already-leaked tracks from Faux Fox's latest , All That Remains. And, in this week's paper, Ms. Merritt Martin went ahead and reviewed said disc, calling it "a more dynamic, more dramatic, but equally tongue-in-cheek effort" than Faux Fox's earlier works.

Can't say I disagree. The disc's just a good time, really--not to mention that it's yet another effort representative of the whole electro-dance thing going strong throughout North Texas at the moment (VEGA, Mission Giant, Roy G and The Biv and Scuba Team Go are just a few of the others milking this genre at the moment, albeit through varied methods). Faux Fox has been going after this style for a little bit longer than most of its competition, though, and while it's tough to say if the band has necessarily grandfathered its way to the top of the heap, experience certainly comes in handy for the band. Whereas other acts in this genre still seem to be feeling out their niche, Faux Fox seems to be settling into theirs.

For instance, George Quartz, frontman for the band, has the wherewithal to describe the below track as "all of the FF elements rolled into one." Sounds good to me...

Bonus mp3:

Faux Fox -- "Dirt City Rollers"

Faux Fox -- "Dirt City Rollers"

You can catch Faux Fox perform as part of the band's official CD release show at the recently opened Lounge on Elm Street tomorrow night. Also performing at the show: Hawatha Hurd and The Party.

And, really, since I can't think of Faux Fox without thinking of the awesome music video for the song "Nothing Gold", I've posted that after the jump, too. Enjoy. --Pete Freedman

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