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Bonus MP3: Fungi Girls -- "Dream of Oz"

I guess now is the time where rubber hits road for upstart Denton-based record label Play Pinball! Records because, on Saturday night, as Cleburne's Fungi Girls' debut album, Seafaring Pyramids, officially hits the streets, it will instantly become the label's first release.

Early birds looking to catch the worm can get the album on Saturday night at the album's official release show at The Handsome Kitten in Dallas. For what it's worth, this is a show worth seeing: The DIY venue has quite the lineup scheduled for the evening, with Fungi Girls, PVC Street Gang and Video as the local support for Seattle's The Intelligence.

As for the record, though: Play Pinball!'s Chris Engberg and Trent Ostvig just received their copies this week--and they're already looking at filling orders for as faraway as Japan. The label should still have a few copies colored vinyls left after shipping off all the pre-sales, but both the gold and the green pressings look sharp, so, unless you really want the standard jet-black, then we recommend you get your copy soon. And, what about that suitable-for-framing cover art by Seattle's Carlos Ruiz (see above, right)?!?! 

Oh, there's music on there, too, by the way. Back in July, you might recall, we offered up an mp3 for "Pacifica Nostalgia." Now check out a peek at another song--this one an exclusive track for DC9 readers--titled "Dream of Oz."

Update: As mentioned in the comments, Parade of Flesh breaks the bad news that Fungi Girls will not be playing this show after all--though copies of the album will still be available to purchase at the show, according to Ostvig.

Bonus mp3:

Fungi Girls -- "Dream of Oz"

Fungi Girls -- "Dream of Oz"

After listening to the album for the last few days, "Dream of Oz" has quickly become my favorite of the albums' not-already-available-on-the-interweb tracks. Oh, and if you do plan on going to the show on Saturday night, remember that it's a Parade of Flesh show, and it's scheduled to start at 8 p.m.--so don't show up at 10 p.m. or you'll miss out on half the fun.
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