Bonus MP3: I Love Math -- "Volcanic Ash"

You'll see Darryl Smyers' review of I Love Math's new disc, Getting to the Point Is Beside It in this week's print edition of DC9. And in it, you'll see how Darryl can't resist bringing up Philip Peeples' tie-in as the drummer for both I Love Math and for the Old 97's.

I agree that you can't necessarily talk about one without the other--but not just because of Peeples. With each listen I've given I Love Math's new disc I'm more and more struck by how much vocalist John Dufilho sounds like the 97's' Rhett Miller. They definitely share some vocal tendencies.

Maybe I'm crazy. Take a listen to this track and lemme know.

Bonus mp3:

I Love Math -- "Volcanic Ash"

I Love Math -- "Volcanic Ash"

As far as I'm concerned, if the 97's really want to ditch alt-country and go more of the pop-rock route, as we all know they seem to want, they'd do well to follow I Love Math's model. I mean, this track in particular just screams to be played over a forlorn driving scene in some movie, right? Right. Glad we all agree. --Pete Freedman

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