Bonus MP3: Kill The Dance Floor -- "Stare"

Last year, brothers Mick and Raul Espinoza were plying their new wave craft under the moniker Mahteo. They even recorded a pretty cool debut album, The NuWave Republic. Although that record mined the classic '80s influences of Joy Division and The Cure a little too blatantly, it nevertheless had its moments--enough so, at least, that the future of the band looked pretty bright in my eyes. Yet, less than a month later, the band's named was changed to Kill the Dance Floor and the Espinozas hired two new band mates.

This week, just a little over a year since the face-lift, Kill the Dance Floor is releasing its debut EP, Gravity vs. Density, which will be available on iTunes later this week.

Produced by Stuart Sikes, the four track EP sounds a lot like--you guessed it--Joy Division and The Cure. New cuts like "Stare" and "The Moment" are certainly not a great paradigm shift from what the Espinozas have done in the past. On the plus side, the brothers have integrated a nice Yo La Tengo influence into the mix this time around.

Check out and download "Stare" after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Kill The Dance Floor -- "Stare"

Makes one wonder why all the changes were necessary in the first place.

In any case, Mick informs me that the band is writing more songs and hopes to hit the clubs in the fall. Until then, he says, enjoy the EP.

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