Bonus MP3: Killa MC -- "I'm Cool"

If you're sitting to at home or at your office desk, trying to muster up some inspiration so you can make that one last trip to the mall today, tomorrow or the next day and finish up your last-minute gift-shopping, allow this clip, courtesy of up-and-coming Fort Worth-based rapper Killa MC to be your inspiration.

The debut music video from the promising emcee boasts a simple concept, with K.MC strutting around an area mall (can anyone figure out which?), mugging for the camera and spitting, quite confidently, about how cool he is. But it's not as boastful as you might think: This clip goes a long way in charming its way out of the song's potentially too prideful posturing -- keep watching till the end, when some innocent mall patrons approach the rapper and ask to take some pictures with him during the video shoot.

And, after the jump, give the song, which, really, is a self-confidence jam more than anything else, a free download, courtesy of the young emcee.

Bonus mp3:

Killa MC -- "I'm Cool"

Killa MC -- "I'm Cool"

And, if ya dig, give K.MC's debut mixtape, YOUNG, BLACK AND (REC)LESS, a download right here.

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Pete Freedman
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