Bonus MP3: Mel The Mack featuring Dorrough, Lil Wil, Trai'D, Fat Pimp, Big DoughskiG and Young Black -- "What's Up Bro (D-Town Dallas)"

Last year, local hip-hop purveyors talked at length about the importance of having a big presence around town during the weekend of the Cowboys Stadium-hosted 2010 NBA All-Star Game. And, lest there was any doubt, these same artists are at it again this year.

But, this time around, they appear to be doing so with a better sense of themselves. The D-Town Boogie -- as a movement -- at this point looks pretty much dead. Aside from the Dougie -- which will never die -- long-forgotten are dance "crazes" like the "Stanky Legg" and "Do The Ricky Bobby," just like their respective providers, the GS Boyz and B-Hamp, have fallen off the radar.

And things are on an upswing: Dorrough released an impressive sophomore album that proved him a force that isn't going anywhere any time soon; Sore Losers and the hipster-hop regime keep drawing bigger crowds; Symbolyc One has become an in-demand producer thanks to his work on Kanye West's "Power"; Play-N-Skillz have launched a hometown label, signing promising local artists like Inertia and Trai'D; and so on and so on. More good news than we can count, really, for a local genre that's been praying for this kind of action for decades.

So it makes perfect sense, then, that a group of the scene's biggest names would join forces and capitalize on their buzz with a collaborative track --- which is exactly what happened earlier this week, when a song featuring Dorrough, Lil Wil, Trai'D, Fat Pimp, Big DoughskiG, Mel The Mack and Young Black, and called "What's Up Bro (D-Town Dallas)," started leaking on Twitter.

It's a worthwhile listen, for sure, with its landmark name-checking and this-is-how-things-really-are-around-here mantra. And, to boot, it's got a hook that'll immediately implant itself in your brain. Give it a listen and download after the jump.

Bonus MP3:

Mel The Mack featuring Dorrough, Lil Wil, Trai'D, Fat Pimp, Big DoughskiG and Young Black -- "What's Up Bro (D-Town Dallas)"

Big DoughskiG's verse takes it, for those of you scoring at home.

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