Bonus MP3: Mental Dentist -- "People You May Know"

I can't tell you much about Joey Gardner nor can I recall the first time that heard Mental Dentist. But, what I can tell you is that I heard "People You May Know" a little while back and the song burrowed deep into my head after one listen.

The tune rolled around in my brain for weeks. The only problem was that I couldn't remember where I'd heard the song or even what band it was by. It started driving me bonkers. Then, the band played a show at J & J's Pizza a while back, and I re-stumbled across the act's MySpace page.

The band is the solo moniker of Joey Gardner formerly of Human Brain Band and Pyramid Scheme.

I like it when a song surprises me, so, I don't want to tell you much about it. But, I will say that I guess it's not that surprising to hear a local act mingling of folk music with drum machine beats and electro bleeps.

Gardner was kind enough to send an mp3 of "People You May Know," check it out after the jump. Sure, the song's not perfect, but it's got potential, especially considering it's a bedroom project.

Bonus mp3:

Mental Dentist -- "People You May Know"

Mental Dentist -- "People You May Know"

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